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Replacing text in xml files

My XML file is stored in a SQL server table column and I want to replace First and last names and create a new xml file.

Names to be replaced are on a different table , SSN is the key column  




SSN              First        Last

123456789   James     Parker


Final Output should be like :




Please help



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Take that XML and parse into rows using < as the delimiter. Then cross tab the rows into columns using a group by, such as record ID or using  a formula to pull the SSN to a separate field then do the cross tab grouping on it. Then just do a join and replace. Once that is done, rebuild it into XML using a formula tool. Then concatenate all of those fields and use \n for the concat. Done.

Thank you, Ryan

Ryan ,


Do you have a sample work flow that you can share for this.


How would you "rebuild the xml"? Curious to what kind of methodologies you had in mind when considering indentation