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Replacing part of a string

I need help fixing a corrupted excel file. I have a column in the source data called account ID and the middle portion of this sting has been corrupted so that certain numbers have been turned to 0. These number relate to the a GL number that I can pull from a mapping I made. So I need to replace the middle 6 digits of the 12 digit ID with the 6 numbers from the Gl number. See below for example


What the account id shows:101950000000

Gl account number:195006

corrected account id:101950060000


I have tried taking the first 2 and last four of the account is and adding them to the Gl account number but have not been successful. Does anyone know a way I can accomplish the above?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Rrmbinson10 


Try this out:






Hi @Rrmbinson10, as @Thableaus showed above, the important thing about your accountID data is that it needs to be turned into a string in order to swap out the incorrect GL code with the correct one.


If the data is loaded from an excel file and only contains digits, Alteryx will define the data type of the column as a number. Once you turn this number into a string, you can chop and swap parts of it as you wish.