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Replacing characters within a data field

5 - Atom

I have a data contained within a table that consists of a | (pipe) e.g. CAM Supervisor|CAM Users|CAM Group Supervisor


I need to replace the | with a , (comma).


The current formula I'm using: REGEX_Replace([Role], "|", ",") 


Unfortunately the results I receive is as follows: ,C,A,M, ,S,u,p,e,r,v,i,s,o,r,|,C,A,M, ,U,s,e,r,s,|,C,A,M, ,G,r,o,u,p, ,S,u,p,e,r,v,i,s,o,r, which is incorrect


Can someone advise as to what I'm doing wrong, or the correct formula to use.


Many thanks.

8 - Asteroid

Just use this formula: Replace([Role], '|', ",")



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Vijuzy 


The pipe character "|" is a reserved character in REGEX meaning Logical OR.  When you use this without escaping it, it matches every character.  To match the literal "|" character, add a backslash in front of it, like this


REGEX_Replace([Role], "\|", ",")


Then your results will be


CAM Supervisor,CAM Users,CAM Group Supervisor



5 - Atom

This solved the problem, many thanks


I had not appreciated that the pipe was reserved character and needed to prefix the code with a backslash prior to the pipe e.g. "\|"