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Replace the test based on other texy


i need to replace the if account is 20C02 THE affiliate should be zero as given below . Please advise . i have attached the screen shot 



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @draghava 


You can achieve this using a Formula tool which you should configure to apply to the [Affiliate] column. The formula will be something like this:


IF [Account] = '20C02' THEN 0 ELSE [Affiliate] ENDIF


I am assuming here that your Affiliate column has a numeric datatype but if not wrap the 0 in quotation marks e.g. '0'.


Many thanks,




Thanks . But i got an below error message, 


Error: Formula (57): The formula "final amount " resulted in a string but the field is numeric. Use ToNumber(...) if this is correct. (Expression #1)


When you create the formula change the field type to string. Or change the Affiliate column to a string field. Either should do the trick.