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Replace Last Instance of Character in String


Hello All,


I am working with a set of data that I need to concatenate into one field in the form of a sentence - I have been successfully able to concatenate this data using formulas, but I am running into an issue with one of our formatting requirements. The data elements must be separated out by commas for the most part, except for the last delimiter which must take the form of " and ". Please see below for examples of what I have and what I need.


Ex. Current - bank account number,credit card number,address


Ex. Needed - bank account number,credit card number and address.


I had the idea to attempt to use the below formula in the formula tool to achieve this (where "Summary" is my concatenated field, but I am receiving the below error when i try this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Formula : Left([Summary], Length([Summary]-FindString(ReverseString([Summary]),","))+" and "+Right([Summary], Length([Summary]-FindString([Summary], " and "))))


Error: "Formula: invalid type in subtraction operator"

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Alteryx Certified Partner



Here's a quick solve:


REGEX_Replace([Field1], "(.*),(.*)", '$1 and $2')

group 1 is everything before last comma

group 2 is everything after last comma





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Thanks Mark! Worked perfectly.


really cool and efficient!