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Replace HTML code with ASCII equivalent

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This is not a question but simply sharing an expression that it just took me a few minutes to create and I thought I'd share.

Business Problem:
I often download web data using Alteryx but find that sometimes the text contains HTML codes that look ugly. I needed a way to replace them with the ASCII equivalent.

Copyright © 2015 needs to read Copyright © 2015

Here is a page ( with a full list of the HTML codes. I found that the numbers used in the HTML codes are the same as the ASCII numbers. Therefore all I had to do was search for the prefix &#, ensure that what followed was a number, and then if it was, use that number with the CharFromInt() function to create the code.
One cool trick I found is that the ToNumber() function automatically drops any non-numeric characters from the end of the number. That took care of the trailing semicolon so I didn't have to.

To use the syntax below in the Formula tool, simply replace [data] with [yourfieldname] where yourfieldname is the name of the field you need to modify.

John Hollingsworth
Clear Channel Outdoor
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Thanks for sharing, great tip! 🙂

Andy Cooper
Senior Solutions Engineer - EMEA
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I think this a better approach:


FindString([html], '&#') >= 0 THEN

REGEX_Replace([html], '&#(.*?);',
REGEX_Replace([html], '&#(.*?);', '\1'), '[A-Za-z]', '')))

 ELSE [html] ENDIF


also here is a related macro attached



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Thanks for sharing @Hollingsworth !