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Repeating Transpose


I am new to Alteryx , i have data in a CSV source file that is listed in repeating address format .  Every 4 rows is a  new record. I have tried to use transpose to convert with no luck - below is the input and desired output file.  Any assistance appreciated.



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
You could do this many ways but I would do this using two multi row formula tools and a cross-tab.

With the first multirow formula create a field called 'column' and use the statement....

IF [ROW-1:Column] = 4 THEN 1 ELSE [ROW-1:Column]+1 ENDIF

Then create a second multirow formula, this time calling the field 'Record' your statement this time will look like...

IF [Column] = 1 THEN [ROW-1:Record]+1 ELSE [ROW-1:Record] ENDIF

Then the cross-tab should be configured with the Record field as a group by field.

The column field show be your headers field and then the field with your actual data should be the values.

You can choose anyone of concatenate first or last was the modes as there will only ever be one value for each combination.

You can finally use a select tool to rename the fields.

Give this a try!


Ben thanks very much - your solution worked great .