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Repeat Item labels in fields

Hi All,


I have data in below order


Cust1  USA

Cust2  India

Cust3  China


I want my data in this form

Cust1 USA

Cust1 India

Cust1 China

Cust 2 USA

Cust2 India

Cust2 China


Can someone please help me with this, Thanks alot

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi there,


If they're seperate fields you can add two select tools after the input to split the workflow into two.


Take through only the cust field in the first select tool, and only the country field in the second select, then use the append fields tool to bring the two back together.


If they are the same field then use the text-to-columns tool first (delimiter as space), follow the above, and then use a formula tool to concatenate them back again after the append fields.




Assuming in the same data source, I'd use the append fields tool to create a cartesian join.


Something like:


Alteryx Certified Partner

Yep - that would be an easier way of doing it... :)

Thanks a lot ...its done