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Repeat Headers on Basic Table Tool


Hopefully someone can answer this for me. I have a basic table tool, and am exporting that into excel, but I want to get the header rows to repeat on each page. Can that be done?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @alphabex18 ,


you can use the dynamic rename tool to modify the headers for each table before using the table render tool.


This would be much easier way.




HI @alphabex18 


When you say you want the header to repeat on each page in Excel, do you mean you are outputting to separate worksheets?


I have the data in a Reporting Table Tool, its there that i would like to have the header rows repeat on each page. 



Hi @alphabex18 


I am just wanting to check what you mean, as neither the browse tool, nor Excel have the concept of pages per se. 


If you output to Excel, it may be that you need to freeze the top row (header), guide here:


Or am I missing what you are trying to do? For which I apologise if I am!

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Please try unchecking the show column heading option.
Alteryx Partner

I believe what is being asked for is this:


When outputting the contents of a table to Excel, is there any way from Alteryx to select a "header row" that would be repeated on every printed page?


For example, I want row 5 to repeat on all 250 pages since it contains the column titles, here's what I'd need to do in Excel to get this result:




You are correct that is what i want it to accomplish. However, I was hoping it could be accomplished in Alteryx prior to the export into Excel so i wouldn't need to do any alterations in Excel, and could just set the workflow to run and attach the rendered file. I was hoping this is a tool function of Alteryx, but it seems as though it is not.