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Render output (formatted) into Excel workbook and disable Gridlines (automatically)

Alteryx Partner

Hi - Is it possible, using the Render tool to create a multiple tab Excel Workbook and disable the gridlines upon output automatically?

Specifically, I want to remove the gridlines in the Excel file on all tabs upon output (similar to as if you open excel and go to > View > Show > gridlines (un-check) Screenshot below 


I've tried writing to a pre-formatted excel file, but due to the required formatting needs of the report, I believe I can only achieve this through the render tool - which only allows writing to a new Excel file (not into an existing one - please let me know if its possible to Render into an existing Excel file)


Additional information:

Not looking to format the background of a single table, but the entire Excel sheet as white i.e. remove gridlines

Using Excel 2013

The workflow exists as an App in the Alteryx Gallery




Screenshot of Excel option I want to alter:


Hi Bgarden,


Were you able to find a solution for this? I am facing a similar problem.

Alteryx Partner

Hi Amritansha,


No, unfortunately not. Hopefully someone will respond, or this option will become available in a future release!


Have an awesome day!