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Render Tool

7 - Meteor

After using layout tool data is in correct form -




But once i generate the output file through reporting tool data is getting trimmed like :-

Employee ID - Emplo ID





What can be the reason for this?

9 - Comet

Hi Sgaryali,


I'm not much an expert with this yet but based on my experience, I used to adjust the column width in the layout tool under "Layout width" or you may also try adjusting the width under basic table tool. 


I hope this helps.



16 - Nebula

There's a problem with render - which is every sheet needs to be the same dimensions when it renders to excel. Right now your first sheet is fit to whatever dimensions you have set in your render tool. If you make this larger the sheet in your .png will look nicer but the second sheet (presumably with fewer columns) will look awful. This is a render problem. Render is basically saying "create visual formatted output" and when you use multiple sections in a layout tool (ie to get the excel sheets) and then reset the page size in the render tool - render sees all of the sheets as "the same output style" even though one may be 50 columns and the other maybe be 10.



7 - Meteor

Used Custom Size and increased paper size.

And it worked now output looks fine.




Thank you so much for the help 🙂

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi @sgaryali, as mentioned by @apathetichell, the Render tool by design applies the same column width across different excel tabs depending on the default paper size setting we use. Folks often use the Custom Width paper size option as a workaround, but that too can lead to an undesirable output depending on the number of columns we have in each tab - in short, there is no out of the box solution to give us an excel file with well-spaced out columns.


If you are looking for something as a solution, you could maybe use some form of vba code that can be called using the Run Command tool. Following is a Community blog to help learn more about the Run Command tool: too might help:


Hope this helps!



there is no out of the box solution