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Render Tool PDF rendering as Italics as Bold Italics

Alteryx Certified Partner

Seems simple and maybe trivial but want a PDF report to have Italics font in it.   The output looks great in the Browse Tool but when I render to a PDF the Italics is becoming Bold Italics.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.


Hi @Troy 


Now this is an interesting case.  When I run your workflow, the pdf output is correct(attached)




Can you attach your pdf file.  Maybe it's an issue with your pdf viewer.



@Troy  I see what you mean. I'm not sure if the issue is on Alteryx's side or the pdf reader side. My bet is on Alteryx. It looks like it only affects pdfs (things seemed fine if I rendered to html or word). I also tried a different font (Times New Roman) and that one exhibit same issue of turning italics into bold italics. I tried various readers and they all displayed it as bold italics.


It's not ideal, but what if you picked a font that didn't have bold italics as an option? I saw Californian FB and Franklin Gothic Book as I was scrolling through.

Alteryx Certified Partner

I'm now more confused.  I use Chrome to view PDF, yours is fine.  Mine is attached, not fine.

Alteryx Certified Partner

No, client requires Arial specifically but nice thought.

Alteryx Certified Partner

As an update on this issue support has escalated it and will fix it, hopefully, in an upcoming release of Alteryx.  Let you know when that happens.  Until then no Italics only for most fonts.  Thanks.