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Render Report Table to Excel with Formatting


I am using the Reporting Tools to format my data into a table then Rendering to a temporary Excel spreadsheet.  I noticed that all of the fields from my table are formatted as Numbers once output to Excel.  I have tried to use the Select Tool to reformat each column before my Table Tool, but all of the fields still format to Number fields in Excel.  I also tried formatting using the Multi-Field Formula Tool to reformat each column before the Table Tool, but still have not been able to get my fields to keep the correct formatting after I render to Excel.  Is there a way to do this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!


Perhaps use the ToString() function in a formula tool? 




I attempted using ToString() in the Multi-Field Formula Tool; however, all of my fields are still populating in Excel as Numbers. 




 Contract Compliance Refund Reconciliation Capture for Alteryx Community.PNG





In the Multi field formula, you have to select the fields you want to change. Your screenshot shows that you're only selecting text fields. Keep them as numeric fields in the preceding join and then change the select fields to Numeric in the Multi-field formula tool.


See attached example

tostring with currentfield formula.png





sorry, wrong attachment


Thanks for the heads up - I made the changes to my Multi-Field Formula.  That being said, all of my data fields still seem to be defaulting to Number.  If you open the temporary Excel spreadsheet generated in your workflow, all of the columns are stored as a Number as well.  I am wondering if it has something to do with outputting to a temporary Excel file?  Either way, I am just trying to be able to maintain my formatting for each column once I output to Excel, so that the end users do not have to go in and do this manually.


The are actually stored as text - try and sum them in excel for example, you'll see that the result is 0. But Excel must recognize them as numbers anyway and therefore change the cell type to number.