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Render Output - Overwrite to existing excel sheets


In order to colour code the outputs of my 4 data streams, I had to use Render tool.


Currently, once the 4 streams of data are cleaned/filtered/labelled, each data stream is output into separate worksheets.  Then, these worksheets are referenced in a 'Summary' worktab that is contained in the same excel file.


Once I hit 'refresh data' in the 'Summary' worktab, the pivots/graphs refresh as well. 


However, with the introduction of Render tool, the output file completely replaces the existing excel file. This means the Summary worktab is gone & I am unable to carry forward the pivoting logic.


Is there a way to output render tool to 'replace existing sheet/drop data in existing sheet', similar to when you're outputting directly to Excel file?




One of the ways I can think of going about this Render Outputting is to:

1. Render Output to a temporary excel file

2. Somehow combine the tabs of the temporary excel file & the worksheet containing pivot logic into a new excel file.

but I feel that this method is a bit too complex


Hi @JJH ,


Take a look at this article:


Not sure if you will be able to overwrite an existing sheet, but you should be able to create a new sheet and use that moving forward. You will just have to copy over your charts and formulas initially but it will be good to go afterwards.


Hope that this helps!





Hi Michael,


I actually saw that exact post prior to creating this post, as it doesn't seem to solve my problem due to the following reason:

The summary excel file contains pivot tables & conditional formulas.

There is a certain dashboard/reporting format that I need to carry forward and using the union tool doesn't seem to carry forward any of the formulas & formatting currently in place.