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Rename multiple excel files and read multiple excel files together.


I have two files (File A/B).


File A is a CSV that contains two key pieces of data: "location" and "filename". The filename is system generated and changes with every (daily) run (eg: xxxx-1234-xxxx-1234.xlsx). The location is static every day (eg: Boston). This file contains approximately 10 records.


File B is a zipped file of the(10) XLSX files (with the system generated file names). (Note: I currently have a winzip command batch unzipping the file into a unique folder.) These XLSX files all have the same schema and only have a single sheet within the file (always the same sheet name).


I need to open/parse the CSV so I have the location and associated file name (which I've completed).


Then, I need to open the zip file (or just the directory where all the File B's will exist). Then, read/append the location (File A) into each respective XLSX file from File B (eg: add a column with the location name and populate the column) - and union all of that together into a single output.


So the final output would have only one new column the "location" column, populated with it's respective name (from File A) - but with all the xlsx files unioned together.


I'm particularly stuck at the reading in of all the XLSX files. 


I'm running 10.6 (as I believe 11.0 has some capabilities to read zipped/multi xlsx files - but haven't upgraded yet, as I've read there are still some performance issues)


THANK YOU in advance for anyone that can help here. I've been trying to modify some of the various macros/flows found in the community but to no avail.



I've attached samples of the two files.


Big Thank you to @JordanB for helping me solve this!


Here's screenshot of flow.





The issue was a bad XLSX file structure.