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Rename a File based on two cell values in data to my desired location





I have a process where Oracle BI sends me an email each Monday with a Trial Balance with the name "PMM-YY EBS Trial Balance MM-DD-YYYY", but the PMDY are static and do not adjust to the period or month/date/year the data is for. I have setup an Outlook rule to save this file to a desired location and want to use the first part of my Alteryx workflow to rename this file based on the Period Data in Column A and the "Data as of:" date in Cell C2 (see below for how Sheet1 of the TB file looks). In the below example, I'm trying to get the file to be re-saved as "P06-19 EBS Trial Balance 07-15-2019" in the same network folder location as Outlook automatically saves the file to.



Workflow screenshot: 


I think I have everything perfectly put together except for when it comes to the Output Data tool. The tool seems to be saving the file with the correct period/date name that I want, but it is being saved to the same network folder as where my workflow is based/running and not to the location I specify at the top of the Output Data tool. I am using the "Change Entire File Path" option to achieve this result. When I switch to the Change File/Table Name option, it saves to my desired network location, but the file name gets stuck as "file.xlsx". I'm assuming I'm not using the correct combination of the "Write to File or Database" network location and the "Change Entire File Path" field.


"Write to File or Database" specified in Output Tool: 

\\omac-infs01\d_Data\Accounting\Finance Retention\Corporate Controllership\FA & Special Projects\00 Perm\Alteryx Inputs\FA Recon\BI Trial Balance Files.\file.xlsx|||Sheet1


Where file is actually written (where my workflow is located, not where I specified for it to be saved in the "Write to File or Database" field):

 \\omac-infs01\d_Data\Accounting\Finance Retention\Corporate Controllership\FA & Special Projects\00 Perm\Alteryx Workflows\FA and Intangible Account Reconciliation\P06-19 07-11-2019 Oracle Trial Balance.xlsx



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @taxguy33 


You're almost there.


You just need to add your network path in your "full_name" formula.


"\\omac-infs01\d_Data\Accounting\Finance Retention\Corporate Controllership\FA & Special Projects\00 Perm\Alteryx Workflows\FA and Intangible Account Reconciliation\" + [Period] + " " + [Date] + " Oracle Trial Balance.xlsx" + [sheet_name]


Then, use the Change the Entire File Path option.