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Removing text within parenthesis and the parenthesis from cells




I trying to find a way to remove text that is at the end of each cell the exists within parenthesis.  


For Example 


Dillon Jones (DGJ)

Lewis (LP)

Jordan Caine (JC)


And I just want to display


Dillon Jones


Jordan Caine


i have tried to use the regex tool but it does not seem to recognize searching for the "(" and I am not sure it that is because it is looking the countering ")"


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



@dgpaul10 ( is a special regex character, so you would have to precede it with a \ to denote the actual ( character. For example:

Regex_Replace([Field1]," \(.*?\)","")

seemed to work on my end...


Worked great! 



I'm looking the opposite solution and will you please help me.


Example:  I've field text as below - 

1) Data Base (DB)

2) Data Analytics (DA)

3) Big Data (BA)


Need the the output in the field only withing parenthesis text as below -

1) DB

2) DA

3) BA 

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus



Slightly different process: 


1) use Regex tool to tokenise and extract the parenthesis. Then clean using regex tool in replacement mode. 


see attached. 



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It is working, Thank you so much.


Ask and you shall receive! I had totally forgotten about special chars! Using regex to build dynamic input in-db boooyah! 


I have a similar problem to the one you solved above. Except for I have multiple parentheses in my cell. For example:


This (0.123%) is a (4.567%) test (95%). 


I want the output to be (0.123%)(4.567%)(95%). Thank you so much in advance for your help!!