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Removing items using the select tool.

6 - Meteoroid

Good afternoon, 


I am trying to remove items using the select tool. I am going to paste what it is supposed to look like versus what it looks like on my alteryx. 



This is what it should look like:



This is what it looks like on my alteryx:



6 - Meteoroid

Would someone be able to show me what I need to do so my select tool allows me to de-select columns? Thank you so much.

15 - Aurora

Your fist picture is not clear enough to see.
So you have multiple input files, and you have made some changes with Select Tools for the first input.

Then you intend to copy and paste the Select Tool for the rest of inputs?

6 - Meteoroid

Hello @Qiu


Does this work any better? It may not. 




On my role, I have one input screen but a number of columns. I want to de-select the columns that are not needed but the option to de-select is not listed. 


15 - Aurora


Thank you for the comment. I came to understand the situation.

Can you provide a screenshot that includes the select tool?

This issue is new to me😁

6 - Meteoroid

Hello Qiu, 


This is what my screen looks like:





The checkbox is just missing and I cannot seem to right click or find anything on options to let me change it. 

15 - Aurora

By any chance you are working on VM?

If yes, you need to change the scaling settings.

Following this one.

6 - Meteoroid

Hello Qiu, 


Thanks so much for your help. It is fixed now.