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Removing inverted commas and single quotes from a Text File


Hi Fellow Learners,


I am on the beginners module of the Alteryx and there was an exercise to parse data from a flat file (notepad file) and after importing using input tool, it was asked to create 3 separate fields from the following:

"Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow",123,'16-JUN-01'
"I do not like green eggs and ham",456,'25-DEC-10'

This data should be split as follows:

Field 1: Poem name

Field 2: Poem ID

Field 3: Read date


Now, my main consideration was to remove the inverted commas and single quotes from this Text File.

I tried what is given in the solutions on the Alteryx website:

Replace(Replace([Field_1], '"', ''), "'", '')

But for some reason this is not working and showing error after I press execute, which is:

Error: Formula (2): The field "" is not contained in the record. (Expression #1)


Could someone suggest as to what can be done, and please let know how this code (which I have mentioned above) works?

Since, String is inserted in "xyz" format, why here double quotes are inserted in single quotes?




Alteryx Certified Partner
Hey @anishbhola,

You need to give your new field a name in the formula tool :)


Thanks LordNeilLord