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Removing empty space from workflow


Hi All,


Does anyone know how I can remove the empty area of the workflow canvas in Alteryx?


It makes the workflow overview disproportionate and unusable as the icons are so small.


See attached image - I want to remove the yellow highlighted section.





Hi Tom,


You can zoom in and out on the area you want to focus on using the shortcut: Ctrl + Scroll Wheel on your mouse.




Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

I don't think it is possible on the Overview to change it. On the canvas you can zoom in and out using ctrl +   or contrl -

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The Overview will zoom to the area that's necessary to capture every tool, including those in collapsed tool containers. In this case I'm guessing at least one of those containers has tools that are spread across that large area. If you remove those tools, you'll have to save and re-open the workflow for the Overview to reset. 


I don't use the Overview window as I prefer more Configuration window screen area. I navigate the canvas with the mouse/keyboard shortcuts.



Spot on!  One disabled contained was spread across the canvas but it was the saving and re-opening that caused the overview window to readjust.