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Remove duplicates and report output

Alteryx Partner


Can someone please confirm how to achieve output as shown in attached image in excel through Alteryx? 

Like Segment/Category columns show only unique values and don't repeat on each line after grouping. tried with summarize tool but not working correctly. Appreciate your inputs hereCapture.JPG




There is a way to make this (sort of) work visually, but it's a bit counter-intuitive... basically you would need to tell Alteryx to replace the value in the Segment & Category columns with "" (blank) if it's the same as the row above it. This would technically give you blanks where you see duplicates... but it's a bit of a heavy handed approach. I attached an example, but it's not very pretty. And feels like it might not be the best method since technically it's removing data from your results...


If you're looking for the visual formatting you attached, it might make more sense to have your data export to a separate data tab in your Excel file, and then use a Pivot Table to summarize it in the format you're looking to achieve.



Alteryx Partner

Thanks Nicole for your inputs, I could not open your workflow considering it has been done with latest Alteryx version.


You can actually change the version by saving the file, right clicking on the file & choosing to open with Notepad, then adjusting the version # in the second line to be the same as your current version (so if you are on 10.5, change the 11.3 to 10.5 in the text file). Save & close, then try opening again, should allow you to open it.




If you have additional troubles opening, please let us know!