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Remove Totals Row When Inputting Data


Hello Alteryx Community!  I have a canned report that is ran daily and which gives a data set as it's result.  I am trying to input this data set into my workflow.  The data set has 6 rows of header information, which I have bypassed by selecting "Start Data Import on Line" 7.  However, the data set also has a row at the very bottom, in which every cell along the row except two is empty.  Two cells have totals.  I want to skip over this row as well when importing my data.  Can this be done?

any chance you can share the excel file so to better understand the request?

Hello @robertfishel,


While I'm not aware of a way to skip over this row at import, there is an easy solution to clean it post-import.


By assigning a RecordID to each record of the import, summarising to the maximum value of this record ID and then taking a left un-join where the RecordID equals Max_RecordID we can remove the final row from the import.


Hope this is helpful.


Sam :)

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Correct the sample tool is missing a Skip Last option.

The CReW macro pack ( has a Skip Last N macro


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Thank you :)