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Remove Empty Rows


For example, I have 10 variables and 1000 rows.


If one of the variables is blank, then delete this row.


Is it possible to do it in Alteryx? Thank you.

The simplest way is to use a Filter Tool with a custom expression, something like:


	IsNull(VarA) OR
	IsNull(VarB) OR
	IsNull(VarC) OR
	IsNull(VarD) OR
	IsNull(VarE) OR
	IsNull(VarF) OR
	IsNull(VarG) OR
	IsNull(VarH) OR
	IsNull(VarI) OR

The true output (T) will be the rows to keep.

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Alteryx Certified Partner



I'm too lazy for that!  I would first transpose the record (keep the key or creat a recordID for a key).

Then I would filter for IsNULL([Value]).

Then I would JOIN to the original data and keep the L (assuming that the R side of the join came from the True Filter of Null values)


Anything with a Null variable would be excluded.


More tools, but less formulas.....



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I vary between the two.

As long as you have a decent text editor to handle that expression very easy to write.

That said first thought was your way just slightly simpler to do the other when starting out with a workflow.


Solved, interesting challenge, the fourth one needed more steps