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Remove Duplicates- Take highest number in non duplicate Column

7 - Meteor

I am trying to remove duplicates in my data based on the last column below for which one to keep. There are duplicates with the same Sup#, FY,and FM with different Quality Impact Points and Matured QPPM data(but also duplicates of those as shown in data below). What I want to do is filter out duplicates and keep whichever duplicate has the highest value in the last column.



16 - Nebula

@nicktekippe could you not just use a Summarize tool for this?


Group by your first few fields (whichever ones can be duplicated) - supplier_number, fiscal_year, _fiscal_month, (quality_impact_pts? Not sure, a little confused from the description).

Then use the Max function on current_fiscal_month_matured_data_quality_ppm

6 - Meteoroid

If I'm understanding correctly, this should be pretty simple. Just sort your data descending on the last column and then use the "unique" tool to capture the first instance of the unique records




7 - Meteor

@DataNath @Kwebb Thank you for the ideas it is working as intended now. Sorry if my description was a bit confusing I was having trouble wording what the issue was.