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Regression Result Analysis

7 - Meteor



In the reports, there are lots of statistics words, such as "LR Chi-Sq", "DF", "Pr(>Chi-Sq)", "McFadden R-Squared" ans some charts, such as "Residuals vs Fitted", "Residuals vs Leverage", etc. How to estimate the model? How do I know if the result is good or bad?


Can someone give any recommendations so that I can understand the reports of the regression? Books? Videos? Online classes? I do not have lots of statistics background, so it is hard for my to analysis the result, but I want to do it and willing to learn more about the statistics things.


Thank you.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



Thankfully these days there is a lot of interest in predictive analytics so there are many resources out there.


There are online courses available which have a mix of recorded presentations and weekly practice exercises. Many of them are free (with the option of paying a fee for a certificate). I've found a great resource - this query on statistics returns several available courses. They often "start" on a certain data but you can still review the material for any course which has already started or has completed.


There are books available on stats - a free online one with video resources is at:



There are also websites devoted to analytics and they usually have links to other resources:


Alteryx has a series of four recorded webinars which cover the predictive tools:


But our focus with these is to explain how the tools work in Alteryx, we don't try and explain all the stats as that would be many sessions itself. For the same reason the help pages for each tool explain how to use the tools, for understanding the methodology we usually have links at the bottom of the help page to useful webpages.




7 - Meteor

Hi Robert,


Thank you so much!!!

It is greatly helpful.