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Regex parse substring starting with a specific pattern and specific length

Hi All, 


Need help to parse a sub-string CW2342986 from string below. 

Always starting with CW and followed by 7 digits. 


"Please sign_CW2342986License Document"




Hi You could do this with 2 tools; Text to columns and split on delimiter of '_', then from your new field, if you add a formula tool with the formula Left([Field], 9), which will take the 2 CW characters + the 7 numeric digits. Regards Will

I was just going to suggest this if the CW always follows the _ 


Are they all the same naming convention?


Or using the same logic with the two tools you could always use the C as the Delimeter


In your formula you would then do C + LEFT([Field1],8) which will put the C back onto the number you want


Hey if you would like to use the RegEx tool:


-Select the field

-Regular expression:  (CW\d+)

-output method=parse


This will capture the CW and any following digits.

No. The data on either side of "CW2342986" could be different every time 

This works. (Regular expression:  (CW\d+))  Can we specify the number of digits following CW to 7 


You got it!


Change it to (CW\d{7})