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Regex Question


Hi Regex People,


I am fairly new to regex and I am working to understand it. I am working with the expression ^.*website.+\.com.* 

I am testing different strings against it to understand the expression but I cannot seem to fully grasp. Why would not match that expression? 


An explanation of that expression would be greatly appreciated!



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @bryan_ram2613 


In this case, it's a sneaky 


that has entered your expression. The '.' specifies any character except line breaks, whereas the '+' specifies one or more of the preceding character. 


So taking your expression and turning it into English we get "starting from the beginning (^), match EVERYTHING up until the word 'website' (.*website), then match ONE OR MORE of any character (.+), then match that the string contains '.com' (\.com), ending with 0 or more of EVERYTHING"


If your aim is to make the expression match "" then you could use 



Hope this helps! 


Hi @bryan_ram2613 


Adding to @lmorrell excellent explanation, if you need to match string like as well as, change the ".+" (one or more) to ".*" (zero or more) so your final expression becomes






@lmorrell  & @danilang Thank you helping me with this. Do either of you have a good resource for learning more or is it something you have to keep using?