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Regex Match

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I'm trying to match to a simple character set. I've tried to use the Regex tool and the Regex function in the formula tool with no luck. I guess the expression is fine because it works with the Regex replace feature but not with the Match, Ionly get "False" results. Anyway, if anybody can help me with this, I'll really appreciate it.


@garaya the Regex isn't matching because there are more than just the specified characters in the string.
If I'm understanding the use case correctly, you'll want to match on this:


Hi @garaya 


This is interesting because you're the second person today with this issue.  See this post


Regex_match has to match the entire field to return true.  Use .*[.,:;].* as your criteria



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Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @garaya 


The REGEX_Match function demands a full match.

That means your expression should match and cover all characters.

For example, in your case you could adapt to something like this:




This means match any character 0 or more times and then any of these characters ([.,:;]) 1 or more times.



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Hi @danilang 


Thanks for sharing this, I'm new on this but as you mentioned in that post, there's a difference on how the replace and match works. Definitely I need to study more about the regular expression syntax.



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Hi @Thableaus 


This works perfect! Thanks a lot!