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Regex Help




Two questions.  First, does anyone have a good online(free) regex tool to parse words out?  I have tried and it's not user friendly to regex-rookies like myself. 


Second, could anyone help me parse out the bold/italic words from the below statement? 


I(pmax(0, rba_bucket - 3500))


The statement will always remain the same.  The bold/italic words will change though.  Thank you.




This should do the trick, using the following expression and the Parse method in the RegEx tool:




Basically it looks for: any characters | space | (any characters) | space | dash | space | (any characters) | 2 right parentheses, and then returns whatever is inside the two bolded parentheses sections above as your two parsed columns.


If you're looking for a way to play around with different expressions, is pretty good - the color coding & explanations help you see what each expression is doing/looking for. Hope that helps!





I believe it will be   I\(pmax\(0, (.+)\)\)  with the REGEX tool set to Tokenize and Split to one column.  And, no Regex tool is friendly to regex-rookies.  The backslashes are there to escape the parentheses (make them not perform their regex function but act as characters) and the (.+) should select any number of characters that occupies that space and the Tokenize should place them in their own column.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer


Thank you @StephenR.  I will continue to struggle through it until it gets clear. I only use this to parse words out of r-expressions.  

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Before using RegEx, this is how I would have handled it:


FindString([String_Field], ",") + 2)

FindString will return 8 as the (zero-based) location of the first comma)  

Add 2 to that and then grab characters starting in position 10 (zero-based) to the end of the field.

Now Trim away all right parens ')' and you have your data.  that site works well for testing.




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