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Regarding AlteryxRunner.exe Functionality Used by the Runner Tool

6 - Meteoroid

Hello, I would like to share an issue about the logging functionality of AlteryxRunner.exe I encountered, where the log files are truncated when there are special/extended Latin characters involved.


While I created a workflow (attached below) that changes some settings of the workflow via replacing the raw XML in Alteryx_Runner.yxmc extracted from CReW_Runner.yxzp (downloaded from the link in this page) before installing it in Alteryx Designer's ProgramData directory, what I need as a functionality is for AlteryxRunner.exe (which produces the log files that are read by Alteryx_Runner.yxmc by using the Run Command tool) to be able to produce log files with UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoding (as in Alteryx Designer's native log encoding setting), so that I can parse the log files that are produced by Alteryx Runner without any problem.


Currently, the log files that are produced by AlteryxRunner.exe are truncated as soon as it hits an i.e. Extended Latin character (such as ı, ş), and changing the encoding settings in the Read Results [Optional] window doesn't make a difference.


In addition to this, I would also like to ask if there is any documentation on how to pass additional parameters (in addition to specifying the log file directory) such as running an Analytic App with a certain YXWV (Analytic App Values) file, so that these functions could be used (if this functionality exists).


Thank you.

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

@NeoInfiniTech ,


 we all need to remember to use vw_string to permit for internationalization.  


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