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Refresh OData in excel triggerd by Alteryx


I'm starting in Alteryx from an excel file that contains data "from other sources" - "from OData data feed".


This is currently a workaround as I'm unable to connect Alteryx directly to the original OData feed.


Would it be possible to integrate the refresh of the OData in my excel file directly in my Alteryx flow or would this be an additional (manual) action before starting Alteryx?



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

When you open your xlsx file does it automatically refresh the 'OData' or do you need to click a button? 


Either way it may be possible to create a visual basic script or batch script that you trigger to run using the 'events' pane in Alteryx and that run can be called 'before' the alteryx workflow is ran.




Good suggestion.


I've never used the events pane in Alteryx but I assume that it triggers macro's that are in the excel file?


I noticed that the Excel macro always asks for a password when updating so I guess it will never be fully automated.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
The events pane can be used to trigger external scripts.

One example I have used before is to use Alteryx to trigger a Visual Basic script that password protects an xlsx file after it has been written.

Essentially if you can build a .vbs file that triggers the refresh by powershell or command line then you’ll be able to trigger this through Alteryx.