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Reformatting table

7 - Meteor



I have a scenario where i have a list of categories and subcategories which appear for various dates, i want to take this data and simplify so i can see of each category/subcategory all the dates that appear in a single cell.


Example data:


1a30/01/2018 00:00
1c30/01/2018 00:00
1b30/01/2018 00:00
1a27/02/2018 00:00
1c27/02/2018 00:00
1b27/02/2018 00:00
1a27/04/2018 00:00
1c27/04/2018 00:00
1b27/04/2018 00:00
1a30/05/2018 00:00
1c30/05/2018 00:00
1b30/05/2018 00:00
2a30/01/2018 00:00
2c30/01/2018 00:00
2b30/01/2018 00:00
2a27/02/2018 00:00
2c27/02/2018 00:00
2b27/02/2018 00:00
2a27/04/2018 00:00
2c27/04/2018 00:00


My desired outcome would show the data like:


1a27/02/2018, 27/04/2018, 30/05/2018
1c27/02/2018, 27/04/2018, 30/05/2018
1b27/02/2018, 27/04/2018, 30/05/2018
2a30/01/2018, 27/02/2018, 27/04/2018
2c30/01/2018, 27/02/2018, 27/04/2018
2b30/01/2018, 27/02/2018, 27/04/2018


Thanks for any help

8 - Asteroid

How does this look?

12 - Quasar

Use the Summarize tool.  Group by your Category and Subcategory fields.  Select the Date field at the top, then at the bottom choose String > Concatenate.


You'll need to strip off your 00:00 time first.