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Reference Table with Changing Name




I'm trying to link to an excel input file in the workflow that not only has a changing file name based on the month pulled, but the tab I need to reference also has a changing name based on the month (for example, file name = PReq September 2019.xlsx, table/tab name = Sept Preq). I've used a wildcard in the file path to take care of the changing file name issue, but I still haven't found a solve to reference the changing table/tab name. Is there a way to easily do this? I've looked into the Dynamic Input tool but am not quite sure how/if this would work in this instance. To add additional info, the table/tab I would need to reference would always include the word "PReq".


Let me know if you need additional info.


Hi @Steph3388,


I believe that you will find the solution for you problem on this post:



- Hil


I'm relatively new to Alteryx and have never used a batch macro. Is there a simpler solution?


Hi @Steph3388 ,

You can read 

1)   '  list of sheet names  '  and  dynamic  input  to read sheets or   

2)  dir  tool  ,   dynamic  input   to read  'list of sheet names '  and      dynamic input   to read sheets. 

dynamic read.PNG



Thanks @benakesh , the first solution worked great, I just added a filter tool between the formula tool and the dynamic input to read only sheet names that contain "PReq" and it was just what I needed.