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Redshift Data Type - Columns defined as String

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

I'm puzzled.  My ODBC connector for Redshift allows for Unicode characters.  When I copy data to my newly defined tables, they appear as STRING and fail on invalid ASCII character.


The tables appear with string, but the fields (prior to output) are V_WString.


What do you suggest?

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Hi @MarqueeCrew,


If it has you stumped then I'm clearly out of my league in attempting a comment.  🙂


But with that said, check here: ... in particular the "UseUnicode" setting at the bottom of the page. Is that a setting you can find and tweak?


There may be additional ideas here:, which generally discusses data errors; in particular see the ENCODING setting... I'm not sure if we have access to that level of detail (e.g. starting here and reading forward: do we do that or is that already there behind the scenes? If we do it, then perhaps this is an avenue to pursue.)


Best of luck!

 - John


Hi @MarqueeCrew,

As @JohnJPS mentioned, ensure that your DSN is configured to use Unicode. Are you able to narrow it down to specific records, by chance? Does the same error occur if you only write the first record? Would it be possible to post sample data (without "PII") and a workflow that reproduces the issue? I'm unable to reproduce with some Unicode data and a V_WString column type using 2018.2.5 / Redshift ODBC driver v1.04.02.1010.




Jerad Rades

Sr. Customer Support Engineer