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Redshift Bulk Loader Failing


I have been able to write to my Redshift db using the ODBC driver but it is very slow.

A colleague who uses Alteryx said it is very fast if I use the Redshift Bulk loader.


So I got the AWS Access and Secret Key and tried to create a table using the bulk loader. It kept failing with the following message.


Error: Write Data In-DB (7): Error SQLDriverConnect: [Amazon][DSI] (20032) Required setting 'PWD' is not present in the connection settings.


Has anyone encountered this issue before?


Note: I do not know what a bucket name is, so i just entered random text there, could that be causing this issue?




I was able to figure out the issue. Although it says that the Username and Password is optional and I saved it in the driver, we apparently need to enter them in the box.

It worked right after.