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Red highlight on the Data Select Tool

7 - Meteor




So, my intention was to change a data type from String to V_String. So I used a Select tool, and made the necessary change. Immediately, it had a red highlight. I ran the workflow again and the red highlight remained. (Please see image below)


Is there a difference between a red highlight before and after running the workflow.


Because prior to running, I would expect it to mean - Red (Not OK): The column contains values with leading or trailing white space. 

Which is more like a warning, saying you might see a string with spaces if you do change data type.


Once I run the workflow, the data type is still in red. Is this a warning again? Can I reverse the change in data type after I run the workflow several times?


I'm sorry about making a simple concept really complex.


Thank you,


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Gana_Baliada 


The red fill is just an indicator that it was changed at this point. It's totally normal.