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Recognizing cell colors in excel

7 - Meteor

Hello! Does anyone know if Alteryx can recognize cell colors from excel? I have a report that has been color-coded and I'd like to bring this dimension of detail into my dataset. Has anyone done this before? I've attached the excel file. Sheets I'm looking to parse are on sheet 49 and 50.



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Alteryx's import is only the data not the formatting of the source document.


I think the easiest way is to do create a small VBA macro to extract the colour to a new column containing the colour and then you can import.


Something like:

Option Explicit

Function CellColour(ByRef targetCell As Range)
    CellColour = targetCell.Interior.Color
End Function

will give you an colour code for each cell.


7 - Meteor

Thanks for relaying the command! I've never built anything in VBA so I will take a look 🙂



5 - Atom

Hello I don't know how to use VBA can you give us an example please, I have the same problem here with colors


hello @echenty ,

if you want I have written an article on this topic, with the Python tool.

If you think it can be helpfull, I can help you to use it as it has been written in French.


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8 - Asteroid

Thanks @WilliamR!


Great solution with the Python Tool. I managed to make it work although my French is very limited 😉