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Recognizing Data and Converting it to a specific abbreviation

I've got data that I need to run against each other. This data is different schools, however, in the reports that I am joining the schools have their full names written out, and in the SQL query that is also being joined the schools are referenced by their abbreviation. How can I get alteryx to match the school codes together or convert one of the data sources to using the others format? Here's a specific list of the schools in question.


You can do this using an additional Join.  Join one of your data sets to your conversion table to pull in the "other half" of the code/school pairing.  Then join this new field to the second data set.  Something like:


You'll need to decide which pieces of data you need to keep (i.e. adding Unions after the Joins to get left joins if desired), but this should solve your formatting issue.

Thank you for your help!