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Rearrange output


There is probably an easy way to do this - maybe.


I would like to go from this current output:


Target Location NameTarget Location AddrAlt Location NameAlt Location AddrDistance
Store A123 MainStore B124 Main1.2
Store A123 MainStore C126 Main2.3


To this output:


Target Location NameTarget Location AddrAlt Location Name1Alt Location Addr1Distance1Alt Location Name2Alt Location Addr2Distance2
Store A123 MainStore B124 Main1.2Store C126 Main2.3


Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

@Brad1 I think you can use a transpose and crosstab along with some multi-row formulas.


Let me know if this doesn't quite solve it for you!


Hey Patrick,


I'm sure I'm doing something wrong - being pretty new at this.  Your Crosstab tool has the Error "At least one Crosstab Method must be specified (Not counting Total Row)".  If I choose one then that creates an error with the Dynamic Rename tool.


I've added your workflow to mine and I'm getting the same errors.  I've try changing around various variables within different tools since yesterday and it's just not working for me.  I wouldn't worry about making changes.  I may just need to tell the end-users there's a new format.  Thanks for your help.


Not sure what I changed or did - but it's working now.  Thanks very much.