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Reading in a specific tab with same schema from multiple files help




I am trying to read in a specific tab from multiple excel files (.xlsx & .xlsb) that are hosted in their own sub folders/directories but are all stored in the same main folder/directory. The specific tab I want has the same schema throughout all ~40 files. However, the files have different tabs in them other than the one tab that I want. I've narrowed down the list of files I want using the directory tool with a couple of filters. I tried the dynamic input tool afterwards based on a few posts I read and am not having any luck. Is Directory plus Dynamic Input the best route to take here or is there a better approach other than using ~40 individual input tools and unioning them all together? I appreciate any and all help.



Alteryx Partner

I believe that you're on the right track with the Directory and Dynamic Input tools, could I see a sample of your workflow to try and diagnose whats going wrong?


There is an alternative in the form of a user macro on the gallery, see the post by @CameronS here:


However, since you have the same schema in each of the tabs, I believe that Directory -> Dynamic Input is probably preferable.


Can you explain a bit more about whats happening with the Dynamic Input?