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Reading Outlook Email using Access Db/ Alteryx Input tool

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All,


I have been trying to read data from outlook email and to for this purpose I followed the below steps provided by Alteryx Community member:


The solution looks super great and simple to replicate. But when I tried accessing Access Linked Table via Alteryx Input Tool , I am getting the below error message.




1) I have Microsoft Outlook set as default Mail Client

2) I have ODBC Microsoft Access DB driver

3) I have Microsoft Access Database Engine installed

4) Also, the input tool works perfectly fine when I use Access DB imported table which make a static copy of the outlook email folder data


I am very new to Alteryx (~ 1 month), any help is very well appreciated. Thanks in Advance


Hi @Sagarika_k 


Here is a helpful step by step guide on how to read outlook emails in Alteryx with an access database:


Also, an individual in the community has created Outlook Input tools which may be of use:

This is not developed by Alteryx and therefore is community supported, but many have found it to be useful as an alternative to an access database. 



8 - Asteroid

is there any direct way of accessing outlook and then email and read email attachment... i the workflow... no other set up.. just like email send functionality in alteryx?


@vaishalilambe17 You can either pull in Outlook data using a linked Access table as described here:


Or you can leverage the Outlook Input tool that was referenced in the above comment.