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Read value from a specific cells (rows & columns) from excel and store it as user variable


My xls file data having headings and three different sections i.e., 1) Movie Totals, 2) Non Movie Totals and 3) Grand Totals


I need the three different sections data for the dashboard and where dashboard should display the below details -


  1) Movie Totals along with each individual region total details as-well

  2) Non Movie Totals along with each individual region total details as-well

  3) Grand Totals along with each individual region total details as-well


Need your support on the above how to process the file from Alteryx to get the above three section data to develop the dashboard.

Please find the sample file as attached.


Thanks in advance!!!




You could use the select records tool to specify what records you want to pull from the Excel.  


Alternatively you read in a named range from the Excel.  This would require the areas to be defined in the Excel document.  You can use the Dynamic Input tool with the option to Modify the SQL Query > Replace a Specific String, then pass your SELECT statement there (i.e. SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$A1:B10]) to pull through specific cells.




Thanks Nick, I need three sets of data from the same excel file as attached reference files.


The solution which you have proposed seems - 3 Input Data Tools and where I need to update the select statement.   Is there any other approach where I can use only one Input Data Tool and select the specific rows of data...





You don't need to have 3 data inputs in order to do this, see screenshot.  


3 Select Records.png

If you need all these tables on top of each other you can then use a union tool to bring the data set back into 1 table.




Thanks Nick, I'm getting the results exactly what I'm looking.