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Read in Multiple Excel Files, with Multiple Tabs that have Different Schemas


Need your support on the below scenario - 


I've many files under my directory (as month wise) with date as suffix and I would like to read the latest date files for my alteryx workflow.


Example -  Directory Path (C:\Source Files) and file names as below -

C:\Source Files\SalesData_25-Jan-2018 

C:\Source Files\SalesData_30-Feb-2018

C:\Source Files\SalesData_10-Mar-2018

C:\Source Files\CustData_25-Jan-2018 

C:\Source Files\CustData_28-Feb-2018

C:\Source Files\CustData_01-Mar-2018

C:\Source Files\EmpData_25-Jan-2018 

C:\Source Files\EmpData_27-Feb-2018

C:\Source Files\EmpData_03-Mar-2018


I need to read from the directory (C:\Source Files)  for the latest files as input data source to the alteryx workflow.






Thanks in advance. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @viswamtulasi,


You can use the Directory tool to read in the filenames, then parse out the date and use these to identify the latest files.


Depending on your needs you might alternatively want to write the names of processed files as a YXDB and join these to the directory filenames to identify the delta, which will be new files.





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @viswamtulasi


Here's a mock up of a way to achieve this:



Thanks Neil for the mock up, when I tried to use the below solution with Directory I'm getting only one file...  and also how to take resulted files as input to the WF for further steps.


Appreciate your suggestions.