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Read images from an excel file


I want to read the images captured in excel file in alteryx, but when I input the xlsx file, it shows null.. ( the images are read as null)


Any idea on how to solve this?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

An .xlsx file is a fancy zip file, and Alteryx only pulls in the data layer of this.


In file explorer, if you convert .xlsx to .zip through a rename and then extract the files, you will see that the images reside in the


xl\media folder


It's possible to read images into Alteryx but you will need to generate the paths which would involve building a piece which extracted the files from the archive, then use a directory input to acknowledge any .png or .jpg files in that folder structure, and then use the blob-input to read these images into Alteryx.


This would take a bit of dev work I imagine!



Thanks for your reply, we want the whole process to be automatated... So, if we go by your method, we should develop a workflow to zip the folder and extract it again.. Is this possible??

Thanks and Regards

Sneha Rachel Thomas | Associate Data Analyst

Ernst & Young Global Delivery Services