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Read a list of sheet and extract sheet content

I am now using Input tool to read the list of sheet from excel. Then I will use a filter to extract only particular tab name, then I would like to get the content of that tab for further processing.
Instead of using a macro, any other way to achieve this?
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
It sounds like you are looking for the dynamic input.

But my question would be, if you are looking for just one sheet from one file then why not just configure your input tool to read that sheet?


I am now able to do that with "Multiple tabs" icon. I just filter the sheet that I want and connect to multiple tabs to read the content of the sheet.


I am not reading one sheet only but multiple sheets at the same time. That's why I am finding ways to read both the list of sheets and the corresponding content.


Thanks a lot.


Hi Eliot12345, all,


If I have correctly understood your request, the below and attached workflow should do it, thanks to the Dynamic Input tool.

I described the setups of the different tools in the below image.

Have a try and come back to me if you need any assistance !


Alteryx Excel multiple tabs.png


Hi JimPer,


That is a great alternative solution.


I find that there is a disadvantage if I use "Multiple Tabs" tool instead of "Dynamic Input" tool to read the content.


Since my file contain column data with colons, "Multiple Tabs" is having issue to read them and wrongly use colon as the separator that all the content positions were shifted.


Nevertheless, I can achieve reading the content with your workflow below.







You're welcome !

Thanks for your feedback