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Read Input and Output of flows




I have a lot of flows which where made by my predecessor. So there are flows with in- and outputs where I do not know where they come from. Does anybody know if you can read in- and outputs of flows in another flow. So like the Directory tool, but then that I can see within the flows what the used in and outputs are?

for example:

Flow 1:

Input: File A

Output: File B and File C


Flow 2:

Input: File C 

Output: File D


Flow 3:

Input: File B and File D

Output: File E


If I open them all one by one I can have the information, but this would not be Dynamic.


So something along the lines of:

Flow NameInputOutput
Flow 1File AFile B
Flow 1File AFile C
Flow 2File CFile D
Flow 3File BFile E
Flow 3File DFile E


Very much appreciated if anyone knows if this is even an option or just wishfull thinking.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

It's definitely possible, and in fact a colleague of mine has just created a workflow that does that.


Let me see if he can share it.




If you're willing to do a little digging/tweaking, take a look at the Alteryx Connect Metadata Loader in Help->Sample Workflows->Alteryx Connect Metadata Loaders->Alteryx Loader.

In particular, the alteryx_doc_parser_v_2.xymc is a macro that should read in a specified file path and output metadata about tools used and configuration/file types.


That might be enough to get you started down the path.


Hi Claje,


I do not see that option in Sample Workflows. Then I thought I could just google alteryx_doc_parser_v_2.xymc to download it, but no such luck.


Hi Laura,


I'm 'the colleague'. Here's an app I created using the 'Finder Macro' to crawl through workflows and scrapes the data you need - producing a Tableau viz at the end.


It's in beta - but feel free to make use of it.


To use:

Unpackage the workflow

Go to the folder, run the app and input the relevant folders when asked


You'll need Alteryx 2018.2 and Tableau 10.5 to run it.


Let me know if you have any problems!


Alex :)