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Reached limited amount of times for advanced certification exam

7 - Meteor

Hi, my laptop crashed while I was attending advanced certification exam 2 days ago. So I didn't continue the exam after repairing computer.


Today, when I try to restart the exam. The system popped up an error message below.
Does anyone counter same issue? 
JesAnnotation 2020-01-12 180625.png
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @Jes_Li 


Contact and they should be able to sort it out



5 - Atom

Hello Jes, 


last weekend when I tried to attend my certification exam and the system popped up your error message.

Do you write to as suggested? Do they fix the problem? 


I am doing this questions because I am not finding the correct procedure to fix this issue. 


Many thanks,