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Re: Tool Mastery | Table

5 - Atom

Using v11.3.3.30523 and am having a bit of an issue with the Table reporting tool. Works fine using Basic mode, however, unable to select data to group by in Pivot mode.


Are other users are experiencing the same issue? Another user at work has the same issue, but is using the same version listed above. Just wondering if this is specific to the release build.


Poked around the forums and couldn't find anything on this topic, but could have been searching with the wrong parameters...


Currently using Cross Tab tool then Table, so it works, but just thought I would mention the functionality issue.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.

6 - Meteoroid

According to the Alteryx Help for the Table Tool, the Pivot mode can only be utilized when the data is streaming from a CrossTab tool. To see this in action, you can right click the Table tool in the toolbar and Open Example. This will demonstrate the different functions of the Pivot mode. Hope this helps!


@CoreyLong is correct. You can find an additional sample showing the use of this method in the sample workflow attached to the Tool Mastery article as well.