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Re: Tool Mastery | Generate Rows


I would like to use an input of a branch number... say branch 5120, 5121 and 5124 for a thousand records.  All other fields are the same except for the branch, so I would end up with 3000... three sets with different branches.  I've set up the text input for the values, but I'm unsure how to connect the input list with the input records with the Generate Rows function.  Am I close?Annotation 2019-11-08 115651.png

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You are almost right!

Attached is an example on how to connect your text input with generate rows and how to include it in your database. As I undertood, the only information that differs is the branch column, so I used the append fields tool to multiply everything based on your branches. See if that works for you.



Fernando Vizcaino