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Re: Publishing and Sharing an Insight


I have a WF that runs each week to compile my insights file.  However, the Insight data does not appear to update without having to open the Insight and re-publish.  Do I need to publish each time a data set is refreshed? Insights do not dynamically read the input after being posted  to the Gallery?


I am curious about this as well as we are looking to use this for some simple reporting and understanding if the insight updates is an essential part as some reporting updates early in the morning.

Sr. Data Science Content Engineer
Sr. Data Science Content Engineer

Hello @cplewis90  and @jgivvin,


If you publish the Insight and then publish the associated workflow to your Server, the workflow should update the Insight when the workflow is run on the server. If it is not working this way for you, please try publishing a new version of your Insight, and then publishing a new version of your associated workflow. It is important to publish the Insight first so that the workflow can be published with the Insight ID, which allows for the workflow to connect the associated data to the Insight. If the behavior persists after republishing the Insight and workflow, please open a ticket with our support team through the Case Portal. They will be able to help you troubleshoot further.